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November 2nd, 2016

The good we do for our communities
is underrated 

One’s ability to defend them and loved ones are important. The Wing Tsun model about how to put skill into people’s bodies for that end is certainly ingenious. But on its face “self-defense” only scratches the surface of what we do. What we really do is empower people to be “powerful and compassionate” beings.

When someone joins a martial arts class with the underlying emotions of anger or fear, these are emotions that we want to heal. In its place, thru our processes we will give enjoyment and love.

Much like yoga or other motion therapies thru Wing Tsun Kung Fu and Escrima our members also experience increased “body awareness” literally giving them more control over how they experience their own lives every day.

The truth is the foundation of our art(s) and methodology is based on ancient Taoist (Daoist) thinking. A thinking method of singularity supported by contradictions. For example, one who has an incredible skill to destroy other humans with their bare hands is the least likely to use it.

In the end we must be compassionate, the ability to do so we find in our own self-empowerment, love, and enjoyment.

-Sifu Andy Howse