What Makes Wing Chun Unique?

Most Martial Arts in the United States today are hard styles. Meaning they use muscle force and athleticism their engines of making power. And receiving power. Wing Chun takes a different approach, it creates power through coordinated motion through the body. Meaning that a Wing Chun student learns to make power in a loose or relaxed fashion. The feel of the training is much different.

That is not to say athleticism has no role in Wing Chun, it does. It is imperative for making the best fighter out of you that you can be. But the knowledge behind Wing Chun goes a bit deeper, it is skill based on correct use biomechanics. This skill stays with you long after you are no longer in the best shape of your life.

How long will it take to get good?

Basic self-defense skills take three to six months to acquire. After that how good you get, and how much time you want to put into it is up to you. 

Am I too old, or too young to learn Kung Fu?

No of course not. No one is too old to learn Kung Fu.

At this time we are not teaching a children’s course. But there is no reason Wing Chun cannot be taught to children. It is children who often have the most open minds and hearts. And whether we adults like to admit it or not. Most of them learn faster than we do.

Do your classes include weapons training?

Of course. The student Wing Chun programs focus on weaponless vs weapon training. And the higher programs are weapon based. We are also certified to teach Latosa Escrima. Escrima students start with weapons on the first day.

As the keepers of this knowledge, we know what our founders knew. Learning to use weapons does much more than transferability over a specific object. Every weapon also has a lesson the body. To teach skill that can be activated even when the weapon is not present.

Do you offer private instruction?


Note to our Brothers and Sisters visiting from other Wing Tsun (詠春, Wing Chun, Ving Tsun, etc) schools. Private instruction is the best venue for you. If attending a regular class is important than that can of course can be arranged. But please come with your cup empty. Meaning a new student in class is a new student in class. 

I studied martial arts before. Will I be able to learn this one?

Many Wing Tsun students have previous martial arts experiences. Because of this, many find our classes refreshing. If you are willing to empty your cup. We promise to re-fill it with Wing Tsun.

Will I learn Chinese?


In fact, we are an American branch of German lineage Wing Chun. Meaning our Sifu who was born in San Francisco learned from a German Sifu. Who learned from a Chinese Sifu. Who learned from Yip Man. Who was the Sifu of Bruce Lee and many other wonderful martial artists.

The grammatical pronunciation of the Cantonese terms found in our Wing Tsun can be improved. But we assure you there is thought behind every movement we teach in the Wing Tsun system. We are good at what we do.

But if you must learn, Sifu Andy did spend much of his youth working in the seafood industry with his family. Growing up in this environment he learned some colorful Vietnamese Cantonese dialect swearing. He can teach this to you, but not the translations.