詠春 Kung Fu Philosophy

Our Motto: Cooperate, Enable, Own

Wing Chun 詠春 grew from ancient traditions in eastern thinking. Thinking that played a great role in the development of Wing Tsun’s training methods. The underlining philosophy behind it are three-fold: Taoism, Buddism & Confucianism.

Kung Fu Journey

Wing Chun is a martial art that people can train for many years all while always improving. Our training methods are constantly evolving. The minds of the people behind the programs we teach at Bay Mountain are always working. To refine not only our own Kung Fu but of our teaching methods. This line of thought goes back to Taoism. A manner of thinking that recognizes in life the only constant is change.

Wing Chun is a system that teaches it’s students not to clash force against force. But to protect oneself by redirecting the opponents attack. This idea is also rooted in Taoism. Even the rotation of the arms according to pressure in Wing Chun (Chi-sau).  Can be regarded as a physical manifestation of the image of Yin & Yang. Two forces balanced against & with each other.

Tao in Training by Sifu John Schroeder

Cooperation (1) is the key to good training. We always train to fight, but never fight when we train (the Yin to the Yang). We take the engine out of the weapon and put it in something else to tune it up, always ready to be put back in when needed. This allows for a more sophisticated training platform of much more formidable ideas that can never be safely achieved in sparring alone.

Think of the engine tuning as: reflex conditioning, muscle memory development, motion therapy & body structure balancing for complex focused fighting techniques triggered by impulses and visual cues. You want your training partner at his best to yield a higher result. Defeating him at his worst offers much less opportunity for higher development. Training is about higher development, not winning.

Uncooperative training can lead to physical injuries, some lasting, not to mention less artful & crude results. Considering that, you could be diminishing your capabilities to defend yourself under misaligned conditions. On the other hand, a training partner who you help to develop will be much more capable of dealing with sophisticated full power techniques you never dare try in any other situation.

Enabling (2) your training partner allows for much more formidable yet safe experiences. With that in mind… you are always responsible for your training partners success, and he/she for yours. This also has the benefit of a built in safety measure while training formidable ideas at speed. When this synergy is reached, it will take both partners full focus, literally holding each other up, only then will you achieve ownership (3) of what looks & feels like a very real and sophisticated fighting method.