Sifu John Schroeder

Sifu John Schroeder

Meet The Professor

The Professor

Dubbed “The Professor” by the AOTW brain-trust. Sifu John holds a special place of leadership in the AOTW community, heading operations in the United States.

Sifu John’s keen mind has lent heavily to our training methodology. Building on the knowledge he has by thinking heavily about, testing and retooling Wing Tsun training platforms. He has a special skill in management believing that the best leaders are the ones that enable others.


A lifetime of Martial Arts

In 1980 a 12-year-old not yet Sifu John Schroeder in Florida. Found himself enrolled in taekwondo. By 14 John was an instructor in the school. And started gazing his eyes for further martial arts opportunities. By 1985 John was fully immersed in Sayok Kali. His training regiment with this weapon based martial arts group. Allowed him to make contact with martial arts instructors of many different stripes. Influential to John at the time John at the time. Which is training with instructors of Wing Chun, Jiu-Jitsu.

Around 1996 John’s flowering career in media that brought him from sunny Florida to a college town in Ohio. Where he subsequently ended up training with and teaching Kali at a TKD school. But in 1999 his career brought him to San Francisco, and to Bay Mountain. John had had a lifetime of martial arts training and organizational experience. Knowledge that would benefit both him and the organization he would help grow, Bay Mountain. In 2017 Sifu John joined Grandmaster Sifu, Martin Hofmann and launched the US branch of the Art of the Warrior martial arts organization.

An AOTW Leader

Before heading operations at Art of the Warrior in the US. Sifu John joined the Bay Mountain martial art organization in 1999 having moved to San Francisco and working for CBS television. When he started attending classes at Fort Mason under Sifu Simon Mayer both in Wing Tsun and Latosa Escrima. John had a background in weapons arts, but what he learned intrigued him. In the years that followed, John became an instructor and eventually a Sifu in Bay Mountain.

Behind John came a stream of people that he helped tutor and mentor. Although never publicly opening a class. John has opened offered his time, home and mind to many of the Bay Mountain instructor core. He has a keen mind, creating auxiliary training drills designed to produce specific skills.

Sifu John continues his training under Sifu Martin Hofmann, and helps coordinate  Art of the Warrior operations in the United States.