Sifu Martin Hofmann

Sifu Martin Hofmann

Meet 詠春 Grandmaster
Sifu Martin Hofmann

Source of Kung Fu

Wing Chun Master, Sifu Martin Hofmann is a wellspring of knowledge that feeds the Bay Mountain Sifu and Instructor core. Sifu Martin teaches several days of seminars for Bay Mountain every August and has done so since 2009. Sifu Martin is giving and unpretentious with his unique teaching. He is one of the best Wing Chun Sifu’s in the world.

In 2004 Sifu Martin founded his own academy “The Art of the Warrior” and fulfilled a process of auditing his knowledge of Martial Arts. He changed the billing of his Kung Fu from Wing Tsun to Wing Chun. Taking ownership of the advancements he has made in this great martial art. If you would like to train with Sifu Martin with us in August let us know. He travels from Schönberg Kübelberg Germany every year to share his knowledge with the Art of the Warrior students in the United States.


“In 2004, while still a member of the EWTO (European Wing Tsun Organization), I passed the test for Master of Wing Chun. It was during that time when I realized that those who seek new discoveries and realizations must break their old chains, and so I left the EWTO in order to find the true path to “The Art of the Warrior”.

I now devote the vast majority of my life to practicing Wing Chun and Escrima, to the rediscovery of the forgotten secrets of the fighting arts, and to the question “What is the real core of all martial arts?”
-Sifu Martin Hofmann

Sifu Simon Mayer on
Grandmaster Martin Hofmann

“Instead of just writing some bio text about this special martial artist, I thought it may be best if I write something about him and why I am working together with such a great teacher.

I met Dai-Sifu Martin a long time ago, in 1993. We both trained the art of Wing Tsun/ Wing Chun, but to work with Sifu Martin was special. This peaceful martial artist has a great warrior within him, who is very passionate about his art. His skill demonstrates, with great fluidity, power, and amazing precision, how masterful a fighter can be. His presentation is poetry in motion.

Dai-Sifu Martin is very astute about the body, fitness and well being. His knowledge goes well beyond understanding a physical constitution.
His mission in life is to help people reach their potential in life. He is a very compassionate person and will use his ability to improve the human being as a whole.

Dai-Sifu Martin is a master like a master should be.

I enjoy his teachings a lot and so will you!!

Dai-Sifu Simon Mayer”

“Many of the ancient civilizations of the Far East produced practices that survive to this day. What almost all of these traditional arts share in common is that they point to something called “The Way”. In that their practitioners can experience deep truths and self-discovery after long years of persistent practice and devotion. In the process, little by little, the devotee discovers the laws of the finely woven forces that form the substance of life itself.

In doing so, he learns that the quality of his life’s work depends on the unfolding of his own qualities as a human being. His external workings and doings become the expression of profound internal change and improvement.”
-Sifu Martin Hofmann