Sifu Simon Mayer

Sifu Simon Mayer

Meet Sifu Simon

The founder of Bay Mountain

Sifu Simon Mayer (5th Practician Level WT) is a graduate of the elite Wing Tsun Academy. Formerly located in the historic Castle Langenzell, near Heidelberg, Germany. Simon is a direct student of Wing TsunGrandmaster, Sifu Keith R. Kernspecht.

Sifu Simon studies Wing Tsun for over 25 years and has learned and practiced with 12 different teachers. He combines all his knowledge and passes it on to all his students.

Bay Mountain is Sifu Simon’s legacy 

Sifu Simon Mayer single-handedly created the largest group of high-quality Wing Tsun students on the North American continent. In doing so Simon created a round table of Wing Tsun Sifu’s that is the brain trust of Bay Mountain.

With this group of higher echelon students. And with new students. Si-Fu Simon Mayer has always been open and giving with his knowledge. Including opening up access to his students with his own teachers.

Sifu has created a collegiate Wing Tsun society that spans across the bay area and far beyond. This brain-trust that we call Bay Mountain, that includes Sifus, Instructors and Students centered around amazing Martial Arts. Simon started it all.

Journey to spread Kung Fu

In 1994  Simon Mayer left the Kung Fu college of Castle Langenzell and headed for the United States to start teaching Wing Tsun. He found his way to Mill Valley California with the help his student Tom Scully he founded Bay Mountain. His logo art being not only the literal translation of his surroundings. But also in the Taoist Goa of the IChing: Bay and Mountain. Representing their philosophical translations of student and teacher.