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Our Testimonials

Drew Thomas

Director of Product Management , SAP

This style of Kung Fu is extremely technical; most teachers would probably put me to sleep.  But Andy makes it fun, and 90 minutes fly by.  Lessons are semi-private and extra training is offered outside of class.  Additional seminars are offered quarterly.  This is a great class in a great location –  we are hidden in the Junior Gym which offers gymnastics for tots.  In the Summer you might find us at Central Park.

Stasia McGehee

, Self Employed Horticulturist

Highly knowledgeable instructor, friendly atmosphere, and intelligent training. Wing Chun is built around a few simple but absolute principles of natural body mechanics. By learning to move according to these principles. One’s skill in responding to physical attacks is multiplied many times. The more I learn, the more there is to learn. Highly recommended

Karl Petrosky


Wing Chun is probably one of the most sophisticated forms of self-defense you can learn and Sifu Andy Howse is a very serious student and instructor of this art. He also has a great sense of humor and tries very hard to make the process fun. If I hadn’t moved to Vallejo I would still gladly train with Bay Mountain as well as with SiFu Andy, miss you guys!!

Jefferson Dorman

Registered Nurse , San Mateo Medical Center