Top 5 Reasons To Train Wing Tsun Kung Fu

Top 5 Reasons To Train Wing Tsun Kung Fu



5. Kung Fu is the perfect hobby

Not only is Wing Tsun an effective fighting art with ancient roots. It is Fun! Our classes foster a strong culture of camaraderie. Simultaneously building skill. That translates not only into real world fighting ability but also real self-confidence.

4. Pre-Hab over Re-Hab

Every movement in the Wing Tsun forms is useful not for fighting scenarios, but for health. They are inherently therapeutic. From the first class, Students work on moments and positions that physical therapists use. Particularly to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow,  and back problems. When the founders of Wing Tsun they created a powerful fighting system. And they incorporated into it a health system. 

3. Discipline, Endurance & Character

Learning effective self-defence is as easy when following the program laid out in class. This is a goal that everyone can achieve is a reasonable period of time. 

But being good at Kung Fu is another animal, being good takes work. Kung Fu (功夫, Gung Fu) does not translate into English as “Martial Art” in any way shape or form. Kung Fu translates more as “sustained effort” or “merit from hard work”. Because of the way Wing Tsun works there is no limit to how high your skill can get. But it is not easy, to get a level of mastery over Wing Tsun is to get a level of mastery over yourself. 

2. Improved Reflexes, Initiative, and Practical

Wing Tsun is one of the few martial arts in the world to utilize the human bodies central nervous tactile reflex system. Meaning that much of our training is programming responses into the body based on our sense of touch. We create reflexes in our central nervous system that allows our bodies on some level to fight for us. 

1. Health (Physically, Mentally and Spiritually)

In order to protect others we must fist be able to protect ourselves. Students of Wing Tsun command a powerful fighting system that is fun to learn and is good for their bodies. Being the owner of such power is a responsibility but it does lend a level of assurance to their life.  

Wing Tsun as we know it is roughly three hundred years old. But its roots go back much further. Many minds have contributed to the knowledge we hold today. At its origins the founders of Wing Tsun believed in three ancient philosophies. Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. While how this effects a Kung Fu class in suburban California today might not be obvious. To a Wing Tsun Student reading books like the I-Ching can give an insight into the minds of the founders. They were wise people who created an ingenious health-fighting system.