Wing Chun 詠春

Wing Chun 詠春 Kung Fu

Modern & Ancient

Wing Chun (Wing Tsun, 詠春) is an ancient Chinese system of Kung Fu.  Legend says the art was established by a Nun approximately 300 years ago and named the art after her first student. A girl named Yim Wing Chun (嚴詠春). Meaning”beautiful springtime” or “eternal spring.”  The goal of Kung Fu was to provide civilians in civil strife with a practical and powerful, learnable combat method. Wing Tsun also grew out of the Taoist tradition in eastern thinking. Thinking that played a great role in the development of Wing Chun’s training methods.

“A good training partner is worth they’re weight in gold”
-Sifu Hilmar Neidinger

Cooperative Training over
Competitive Training

Wing Chun is not a sport, when it comes to the fighting application we focus solely on self-defense. Effective self-defense has little to do with martial sports. In the real world, there is no referee to oversee, bystanders may get in involved. Weapons are a real threat. And of course in our society, civil and criminal legal ramifications exist.

Many martial artists will tell you how real their training is. Avoiding a topic about what the word really means. When building skill, cooperative training trumps competitive training every time. Competitive training methods have their uses. To test skill, and become acclimated to the physical effects of our mind’s fight or flight reflex. But not to build skill.

Our training partners are not our competitors. Our training partners are our colleagues. People from all walks of life meet for their weekly Kung Fu training that who’s otherwise paths would rarely cross. At the end of the day, it is you and your skill that is real. The key to obtaining that skill is in focused training.

Nearly all modern day Wing Tsun lineages trace their roots back to one person,
Yip Man 葉問

Powerful & logical Martial Arts

Soft, explosive Kung Fu

Wing Chun is a system that teaches it’s students not to clash force against force. But to protect oneself by redirecting the opponents attack. It teaches that direct, and powerful motion gives decisive results in a fight. If found in a dangerous situation the Wing Chun students command an effective, weaponless method for protecting themselves and loved ones.

Through a specific kinesthetic training method called Chi-Sau. Wing Chun students to intuitively recognize an opponent’s intentions and puts programmed reflexes to immediate use, intuitively launching a counter attack.

Bone Placement
Geometry & Reflexes

Wing Chun works on simple biomechanical principal combined with kinetic forces: The first two being the human centerline and forward movement on the center line. Then utilizing human body symmetry pentagonal wedges are formed. These geometric positions comprise the techniques in Wing Chun.

Based on tactile impulses a person trained Wing Chun can reflexively switch techniques. The training method to learn this skill is called Chi-Sau.

AOTW’s curriculum benefits from one of the best 詠春 Sifus in the world:

Sifu Martin Hofmann

Equipped with the skill & body awareness that Wing Chun training provides, our students develop confidence. Confidence and self-awareness lead to a better sense of well-being. 

Kung Fu Journey

Wing Chun is a martial art that people can train for many years all while always improving. Our training methods are constantly evolving. The minds of the people behind the programs we teach at AOTW are always working. To refine not only our own Kung Fu but of our teaching methods.

This has been true each link of the chain in our lineage going back to ancient China. Every Master, Sifu, and instructor presents the information to the next generations in a superior manner than they learned. We always actively looking for weaknesses in the system, to exploit and fix.

This line of thought goes back to Taoism. A manner of thinking that recognizes in life the only constant is change. Our training and teaching methods are not mindless, we evolve. We do so to go forward, we do so to improve, to us Wing Chun is a living Martial Art.